Do you like massage as much as we do?

Especially massage after sauna, when the effect of deep relaxation is gently prolonged. So why from the March 2019 we are starting the collaboration with a master of massage – Olga.

This masseuse combines Ukrainian and French styles in her massage. You will be able to fell both strong and soft, dynamic and slowly, deep and light movements during manipulations.

Olga proposes following types of massage:

-Californian                                €40  

-Deep Tissue                             €45

-Indian massage                        €50

-Lomi-Lomi                                 €50

-Ukrainian Back Massage          €25


The duration of the massage is 50 min,  and 30 min for Ukrainian’s Back Massage.


You can make a reservation of

 massage at home 

 or sauna + massage at home  by contacting La Barrique Sauna.