Sauna benefits

The sauna is a space heated by an electric stove with stones. Those stones are often has volcanic origin. Once wormed, they are sprinkled with a ladle of water.

Sauna is used for the sake of well-being, the need for healing, also for recuperation and relaxation.

In addition to relaxation, the high temperature of the sauna increases blood flow. This causes a decrease in blood pressure and promotes cardiovascular health. The sauna is also known for relaxing muscles’ tension, eliminating toxins, cleaning the skin and burning calories.

The benefits of sauna:

– soothe nerves, eliminate and reduce stress, relax the body;

– reduce fatigue and overwork;

-stimulate blood circulation;

– remove toxins from the body (lactic acid, urea, etc …)

-fight with muscle aches and tension;

– improve certain painful conditions (rheumatism) and to fight against certain winter pathologies (colds, rhino, bronchitis …);

-stimulate the body’s natural defense system;

-improve sleep;

– clean the skin.